Winds Of Change – Humble Beginnings of Quality Healthcare In Dubai

Thirty years ago, things in UAE were much different. The city we know by the name Dubai today was literally nonexistent for a good part. So much so that the city even lacked basic infrastructure and road network. It is true that things were no way near as sophisticated as they are today. Likewise, it would also be unfair to claim that Dubai lacked in healthcare facilities back then, but calling them state of the art was far from the truth. That was good thirty years ago when this city in particular and the country in general were on the road of development. Though a major chunk of UAE’s economy also came by selling crude oil stock, the leadership of this country was in no mood to follow the Saudi economic model.

Suffice to say that they had other ideas, and had a different plan rolling. Dubai being a port, and one of the biggest ports in the region had the potential to become a trade centric city in the future. Even more amazing was the concept of turning it into a free port but that would incur huge expenses, however, it was to return those in a matter of a few years. Once that that was done, the city would then contribute to the economy heavily by collecting investments and taxes. Healthcare was to be one of the primary attractions in the city. People would be flocking here just to have better healthcare facilities. Here is more on how it all began and where the healthcare industry of Dubai stands today:

Shifted Focus

Even as a major trade hub, Dubai was destined to offer top of the line healthcare facilities in the region. The quality of healthcare industry was always decent, but somehow not up to the desired level. Hospitals and clinics, nursing homes and emergency services were not widespread. The situation is much better today as the focus is eventually shifted on healthcare. We may as well see some of the top healthcare insurance companies moving business to Dubai. Already, a good chunk of pharmaceuticals and insurance companies are making their way to this city. A lot of ground work is being done in this regard and chances are that we might see a huge turn around when it comes to healthcare in this part of the world.

With all that said, the future of healthcare in Dubai looks bright, and promising.

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